Vision Statement
LACAP envisions the  historic Lakeview Avenue restored to family dwellings and beautifully landscaped to compliment the unique and grand architecture of its day; a charming Avenue with walkable sidewalks, terraced with flowering trees amid the stalwart aged ones, illuminated by period lighting dressed with flowering baskets and patriotic flags; an attractive Avenue connecting the glorious cemetery to the historic downtown where residents interact and assume responsibility for each other and for the neighborhood; a quiet, friendly and safe neighborhood, restored to grandeur and loved by all.
Mission statement
It is the mission of LACAP to make our vision for Lakeview Avenue community between the streets of Buffalo and East 6th a reality.  We hold the principles of our value statement to be true and desirable.  In order to fulfill our mission we will coordinate with the city of Jamestown revitalization plan, cooperate with other developmental and restorative organizations, seek support from foundations and governmental groups, advocate community spirit, help neighbors restore properties, and set standards by good example and encouragement.  We have faith in our LACAP action plan and are committed to its critical path to successful outcomes including where investment in property is rewarded. 


Value statement

LACAP values the following:

  • Beauty of historical, prestigious and unique home.
  • Accessibility/proximity to downtown, schools, and Lakeview Cemetery.
  • Walkability of Lakeview Avenue.
  • Patriotic displays on Lakeview Avenue.
  • Diversity of Lakeview Avenue residents.
  • Quiet neighbors.
  • Caring neighbors.
  • Effective functioning community organization (LACAP).
  • Ability to maintain homes.
  • Safe and secure neighborhood.


Projects & Goals (2012-2013)

1) New Street-sidewalks, curbs, storm sewers, road, electric, lighting.
2) Frequent clean ups of the avenue.
3) Encourage organic vegetable gardening at the corner of Lakeview & 6th street.
4) Engage landlords in improving properties.
5) Become a renaissance block-restoring properties.
6) Create flower garden in triangle at corner of newton & Lakeview avenue.
7) Encourage flags at memorial day & veterans’ day.
8) Organize annual community yard sale or street sale.
9) Establish neighborhood watch and training on safety  & Security.
10)  Snow sculpture contest.
11) Host architectural walk tour with fenton museum involvement.
12) Develop our website for lacap exposure, with resources & activities.
13) Create architectural markers naming architects, the era of circa, and house numbers.
14) Get to know your neighbors.
15) Slow down traffic.
16) Complete street signs.